Favorite Ram Dass recordings

Let’s share some of our favorite Ram Dass episodes or YouTube videos!


Great idea!

I like so many, but this one is particularly good. Especially for these days of heightened comparisons and supposed inadequacies…

Ram Dass on being your beautiful self


Hello! Episode 178: The Path of the Heart I could listen to over and over.


His “Centering Meditation” is my go-to


I kind of dig “Mid-America Motel” with music by Dirtwire.


My current go-to is his Soma Meditation for soul emergencies.


SAME! I discovered it recently and it has been life changing.

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It’s hard to chose a favorite, I truly gain so much from listening to each of them.

Ep. 16 Little Shmoos
Ep. 46 And That, Too
Ep. 53 Devotion & the Guru

Editing to add: the song, Sit Around the Fire. I go to this one often.

His lecture on addiction and attachment.


thanks for sharing a link listening now!

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I am not sure where to find my favorites since I think they were on sound cloud for class? Centering in the heart? One about Being Love - recall one where he says that I am loved unconditionally when he says it I cry! I did just find this one and listened to it and felt very touched. It leads me to a question maybe I should put on the practice page - but is it ok to meditate with him in guided meditation versus sitting still in silence? By Ok I mean is sit the same level of meditation practice?


I really like this meditation…I found it went really nicely with the teachings of day 4 - transmuting energy:
Ram dass beyond space and time

Thanks for sharing the other links! It is so great that we have access to his guided meditations and talks :sparkles:

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So many to choose from! The first five or so Ram Dass Here & Now podcasts, recorded back in 2014, are still amazing nuggets of wisdom. At the time when I was just beginning on the path, I remember listening to these and just being fascinated and awestruck by the story Ram Dass was telling. Back then I wasnt familiar with his journey and life story. I hadn’t heard anything like it at the time. Raghu’s introductions weaving it all together are fantastic too!

And then for YouTube videos I really enjoy electronic musician Jon Hopkins video for his song Sit Around the Fire, featuring East Forest on the track. Ram Dass’ words are as poignant as ever, and the video itself is one of the most visually stunning I’ve ever come across.