Heartfulness Course - Day 11 - Quieting Down

Hi fellow NYer! I was born and raised in Manhattan and both my parents grew up on the island :blush:. Yes, I relate to the feeling. Even after almost 10 years in LA, I find my New York pace being my default mode. In addition to slowing myself viscerally, I’m working on disentangling my learned belief that my productivity and accomplishments are tied to my worthiness. :heart:

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Walking in Nature… at the pace of Nature, making as little human noise as I can, and simply sensing into what is present. That slows me down. Tree energy and rock energy can be soooooo slllooowww, baby. Also a long, leisurely hatha yoga practice or meditation.


I’m also trying to reduce multitasking and commit instead to “singletasking”? “Unitasking”?

Multitasking is another default mode for me, but it just instigates my monkey mind, distraction, and lack of presence.


I appreciate this prompt but I really wanted to respond to the part in this talk where he says “you only friend is god” wow that is so profound and where he describe the difference between being settled enough in your connection to spirit that when someone might respond with rejection or harshness you are still there in love - Rev Michael calls this “unbotherability” and I so appreciate this from Ram Dass. - this talk called from suffering to blessing and asking who weeps for god? so yes the question what helps me quiet down is interesting but I think he’s asking a deeper question - which is when are you ready to actually sit down and be quiet? That we wont turn away from the worldly things until the suffering gets to be too much. Then as maharajji said suffering brings us closer to God because it is the motivator to sit. I am behind in this class by a week… and so I am just listening to this one now - but I had a choice - both last night and tonite what to do - watch TV or listen to Ram Dass. Both nights I chose Ram Dass… just now listening to this talk I felt so nourished. because I was feeling lonely. Tired. And I can in those moments be a hungry ghost – maybe over text someone I have a crush on… or watch too much tv… but choosing to listen to Ram Dass just now is the way for me to be doing exactly what he said. Being in the presence of the Guru - whether he’s channeling Anadamayima - or Maharajji or his Self - I am opened more to love listening to him. And then the irony or perfection of it he share that about how when you open to love but it isn’t really a centered turning from the worldly stuff - and you offer your love from there its grasping and the heart closes when it is rejected. But when you stay in the love regardless of the others’ reaction… well then God is your only friend. It is exactly what I needed to hear… to be reminded my loving ness my true heart doesnt depend on the others’ response. I am here to open my heart regardless of their response. I spoke with someone today about what was burdening his heart - I was surprised when he said it was the war in Ukraine and also the politics in the US. Because he had also shared with me his wife died 12 years ago and he still feels the pain. Not that it is wrong to be burdened by the larger world suffering. I just wonder… where his burden truly lies. anyway. for me the burden I carry is that of abandonment and rejection…and Ram Dass and this Heartfulness class teachings are good medicine. Thank you.


Birds. Ocean. Playing the piano. Singing. Writing. Any writing or journaling is good, but when a poem strikes, it’s gold in the heart and a real hush to my mind.


Interestingly I think I quiet down a lot when I’m with the people who bring me calm. When I’m just free to be unapologetically mySelf I get quiet. I get quiet listening to the birds, I get quiet cooking or making something. I live on a lake and watching the waves waiting for a fish to jump out for a snack brings me quiet. I recently put up a bird feeder and watching the birds, spending time with my passed papa brings me to the quiet parts of my heart.


This is so beautiful and I finally got to do the art. I wanted to do based on your poem.


That is very cool :pray: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Like Otis Redding song so beautifully:

Sitting on the dock of the bay.
Only that sentence brings me such an amount of peace.

My bay is the porch and the cliff-end at my house.


Things that help me quiet down… driving without any music on the radio, and if I’m going slow/through a very natural area, rolling the windows down and listening to what’s happening outside
Turning off my phone around 8/9 PM for the next 12 hours has been incredibly helpful too, in making my nights and mornings more peaceful
Being out in nature, just listening. Laying in the sun.
Making tea in the morning
When my friend at work randomly gives me a warm hug. It instantly makes my body relax and come back to the present moment… I appreciate her so much! <3

Thank you all for your shares, they also helped me quiet down :slight_smile:


Love this! Thank you for sharing it.
I lived in Lieto (near Turku) many many years ago, and went up to Tampere occasionally so can relate to the lack of sunlight. Such beautiful praise of the sun and seasons!