Heartfulness Course - Day 17 - True Nature

:hearts: this instantly made my body relax. When I have a goal, a lot of times I feel anxious until it’s completed. but lately im realizing the goal I have only feels anxiety provoking because underlying it is a need for belonging and acceptance from my family. To be reminded that I don’t need to figure anything out, or accomplish anything in order to be loved, is a huge relief. And the judgment that exists or comes from others doesn’t have to become my own judgment of myself… thank you for this reminder to step back and see that


Psychology research suggests that having even 1 individual who comes into our life and loves us unconditionally can make all the difference in a child who may be living in otherwise difficult circumstances. Can we identify a single individual who really saw and valued us as a child? I think that as adults, we can have corrective experiences that can cultivate this inner sense of OKness. The wise beings who have offered themselves to us in this course ~ Mirabai Jai KD Ram Dass Nina Jackie Jack Sharon and all the participants have offered up much to help us move along this life journey. And perhaps we can be that 1 unconditionally loving valuing caring individual for a child who is suffering, and may that heal us both.


This makes sense.

Much insight here from everyone, and vulnerability and openness as well. Discernment and compassion, love. All our true nature(s) are one, ok, connected and (w)holy. And today as I remember this, it makes me feel playful and content in this moment, and I’ll take it! Much love and be well everybody :heart:


Remembering the knowing that I don’t have to go looking for love and that I am Love itself brings a sense of peace and expansion and openness to my heart. It soothes my mind into a pleasant calm.
The practice of bringing this awareness to my daily life offers a lens through which I see beauty first. I am able to find humor before frustration. Readily, I can find the middle path rather than thinking there is one of right or wrong.


Awesome quote.
It would change everything. It has changed everything. It’s amazing what we can beleive if we are told it enough by others. But there has been a profound turnaround in my entire being when I stopped listening to the chatter, and honed in on the silence.
The self shows me that I, as well as every other person is a blessing. It took some radical life experiences to come to this realization, but it needed to be loud in order to reverse the intital mentality around self-worth. Or just plain, people-worth.
All people are a blessing, and love is the glue.
The rest is symantecs it seems.

Now, I show up kind of just flowing with it all instead of combating or reacting.
It’s made all of the difference. My blood pressure has gone down, I have been sober for over a month now, and the amount of love that I feel from the universe is enough to bring happy tears to my eyes as I type this.
We all hold the key, we just have to wake up.


HD, you make a really great and I would add that that it applies to all points in our lives! I see how important this is in my own life now and those around me. We live is a very scarcely populated area with many isolated older people who are lonely, sad and hurting. I have had the privilege of frequently interacting with two of them and just offering them fellowship and love. They are like dry earth soaking in the rain, they need love so badly. It takes very little effort on my part to provide a good word or spend an hour with them, but it makes a world of difference to them. I am constantly humbled and touched deeply to see what a little love can do. Thanks for the good reminder to reach out at all times to those that are suffering around us.

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