I am here now. What's your question?

Why don’t you answer it? Don’t think about what’s stopping you out and about in the world, but in your own mind. What emotions or events? Where are you stuck? Are you angry that your car has a flat or the fact it’s made you late, why are you angry about being late? Go until that feeling becomes uncomfortable, and answer why you can’t keep going. We each need help, we don’t have the ability to answer our own questions, so we need community. I am only here to share once I think, since I don’t feel I have much to say to many larger communities, but I will check back at any messages. Despite what it may seem, I am 26 and have not lived the life of a world traveler, but I believe I have at least the start to our healing, be that spiritual, religious, scientific, Wicken, or whatever may be consuming.