{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 1} Thursday practicum connection

You’re welcome Pam, anytime


Hehe thank you :pray:

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HI Mike, I have appreciated your questions and comments in the course gatherings. I wanted to reach out to you as I was so excited to see your name in Breckenridge, I too am in Colorado and spend time in Fairplay. Wondered if you would be interested in connecting for a coffee at some point. I am also thinking of starting a satsang and would value your input. My email address is globalliving@me.com.

My mind is in some pretty tough suffering right now, sometimes even though I don’t identify with this physicality I tend to feel quite pained and exhausted (especially knowing partially of my past runs here…) In a moment of strange lost-ness I tried to remember why I hadn’t just ended it already. You popped into my consciousness singing sri Ram Jai Ram (stranger still as I haven’t heard you sing that one) but as you sung, (ofc this Samadhi state sprung forth from hearing your chant, I remembered that I had already done that. It created waves of karma ofc.) I just had to tell you about it and it’s very strange as you were so clear in my mind, your ponytail and a t shirt, you were singing to God and I remembered how to come back. I’m a very experienced being, but I got lost in it. I wondered what would bring me out and you appeared. I have seen you, and have been seen (at the very least my form has) and I thank you for your statement being so pure. I hope others see your purity of being and devotion. Your memory is powerful all of a sudden, I think it has meaning to be unpacked, but again thank you so much for your beautiful statement. My heart is boiled and raw enough to be here behind the suffering. I just need to purify myself more and not get lazy in my devotion. the meaning is there, no search required other than an inner one. I am blessed by many high beings and my friend, my guru bhai, you are one of them.