Session (Fri AM): Media Exploration with Raghu Markus and Nina Rao

Raghu Markus is joined by Nina Rao to open up our first day of the 2023 Ram Dass Summer Mountain retreat. They will sharing an archival Presence Prayer with Ram Dass and expand upon the retreat’s theme of “Cultivating Loving Presence and Making Peace with our Shadow”

Share your thoughts, curiosities, insights, take-homes, favorite quotes from this session here…

I love these talks with Nina - thank you Raghu for asking her to speak about her experiences with Siddhi Maa!

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If anyone has any questions you’d like us to ask the presenters, please leave them here and I can ask them for you!
(same goes for any of the upcoming sessions this weekend!)

What a wonderful, peaceful, wisdom giving monring with Nina and Raghu. Grateful!

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Absolutely! I love the wisdom Nina shares, and the long relationship her and Raghu have really shines in their beautiful conversation dynamic. So happy you watched along @Gary_Loncki !

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