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Welcome to Love & Renewal:
A Virtual Retreat on Finding Grace Within Birth & Death

Join an immersive virtual journey to help you wake up fully to your life amidst fear, uncertainty, and grief in our current world climate.

The retreat will begin on November 29th at 9:30pm PT.

This forum will function as a space to come together and connect as a community. A place to share your inspirations, curiosities, questions, desires, and so much more. It’s a space to build Satsang - the sacred community with hearts and minds pointed toward truth, which was Ram Dass’ wish for the future.

To get started:
Press the REPLY button and take a moment to introduce yourself. Where are you from? How did you first hear about Ram Dass?

Then share one hope or intention you have for your time in this virtual retreat? I.e. What you hope to leave with. (After all, never underestimate the power of intention!)

Please come back and visit this forum regularly before, during, and after our time together. It can be a potent tool for deepening into the teachings and practices. And it is an exciting way to both share and learn from each other. Do not underestimate the power of community either.

Remember, this is the place to:

  • Share your inspirations from each day’s sessions.

  • Ask questions about material or practices.

  • Meet others in the course and foster community.

  • And build a strong container and active conversation.

We look forward to seeing you here often!

P.S. - Not yet signed up for the virtual retreat? Click here to join: 2023 Ram Dass Maui Retreat livestream • Ram Dass


Hello, my name is Claire from Baltimore, MD.
I first found out about Ram Dass through seeing a quote of his on a college website that I was applying to.
My intention in participating in this retreat virtually is to gain more peace and satsang in my life.
Thank you for being here.


Hey y’all. Mark Trevis here and now. I am grateful to walk and to sleep on the unceded lands of the shíshálh and sḵwx̱wú7mesh úxwumixw nations on what is known by the settlers as The Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada.
I first bumped into Ram Dass back in hazy, crazy years of the 70’s. I’m a little foggy on exact details but somebody dropped a book into my lap one day and I found myself reading one of the original copies of “Be Here Now.” Right from the git-go, I knew there was something about him. I think it was the twinkle in his eye
What’s my intention with the retreat? Well, now, I don’t really have much in the way of intention any more. Those days and years are pretty much a wrap.
I would suppose that it just might have something to do with keeping the lights shining and the eyes twinkling.
All BlesSings🙌🏼to you.

Dwell in Trust⚖️Dwell in Peace🕊 Dwell in Love💖


Arun from NJ - it was amazing to attend the summer mountain retreat and feeling bummed cant be in person in Hawaii for this event but am looking forward to be a part of the virtual satsang community

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Hello Friends,
This is Katherine and Mark from Skydog Farm in Rhode Island, USA. We serve as the ambassadors for the Rhode Island Fellowship and meet monthly on the last Sacred Sunday of each month.

I, Katherine, have followed Krishna Das since the 90’s and totally fell in love with Ram Dass about 7-8 years ago via the Be Here Now Network. One of our Satsang members, Althea, will be representing in person at the Maui Retreat and we will be tuning in from RI.

Our intention is to personally connect with the larger Satsang and to strengthen the local in person fellowship by opening our home and Botanical Greenhouse Oasis for the community to gather and join you all via the gift of virtual livestream.
Ram Ram
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:


Hi, I’m Rochelle from Seattle, WA. Listening to Ram Dass and the Be Here Now network podcasts helped me get through the pandemic and continue to help me.

My intention for this retreat is to help decompress and find some peace after just finishing six months of cancer treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.



Hi, everyone, I’m Pam. I’m in Las Vegas, NV. I first heard of Ram Dass from a friend back in the early '80s, a few decades before I was ready to hear any of what he said. I next heard of him earlier this year in a book that recommended Be Here Now. When I read it, I got the sense that I’d found my way home. I feel like he’s been following me around, whispering in my ear, goading me to stop lollygagging and get on with the serving part of life.

My intent, aside from fellowship and learning, is to convince myself to stop lollygagging and devote myself to my work: writing.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I live in Canberra, Australia. I have followed Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman for the last 10 years and through them have heard so much about Ram Dass. I now look forward to learning and reading more about Ram Dass. I am on the brink of retirement and am keen to get inspiration for my personal contribution to society post-retirement.

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Hi there
Ellie from Toronto.
Sad to not be able to attend but grateful to be able to access some of this incredible content

Wayne from the Fort Worth area of Texas, via the United Kingdom and grateful to be part of this amazing community.

I had never heard of Ram Dass until 2018 which was rather surprising to me in retrospect since I am up there in years now :joy:

I had been a pastor of local church, and been involved in Christian ministry for well over 40+ years, but had become disillusioned with Christianity and a lot of its constructs for a while. One day I felt God, or whatever concept of a higher power/higher consciousness you have, ask me … “why do you limit me when I am a limitless God?” I asked … “how so?”. And the reply was … “by clinging to constructs that limit your true understanding of who I am and your purpose!”.

I asked … “show me how to stop limiting you then”. That very night Ram Dass appeared to me through the movie “Ram Dass, Going Home”. All I remember is just weeping as I felt his love pour out of the TV screen and into my heart.

All I know that since that day I have been on a spiritual journey unlike any other as I have thrown off the shackles of the constructs that limited me, whilst not forgetting the Christ Consciousnesses that had captivated my heart so long ago, in my pursuit of becoming loving awareness.

My intention is to cultivate an ever deepening awareness and connection to all around me. To be connected and to feel part of this community … to something bigger than myself.

Peace and Love to all :pray:

Greetings. My name is Michele and I live in Southern Delaware, USA. I honestly cannot remember when I first encountered Ram Dass but it was certainly many years ago. My intention for this retreat is to heal both physically and emotionally so that I can again be of service to my community. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate virtually with all of you.
Blessings to all.

Hi. My name is Kimberly and I live in NJ. I had a profound spiritual experience as a result of being at my breaking point; that was two years ago. Since then it has been a bit wild. I am on a journey and very lost as I am very alone in my new understanding; I am immersed in spiritual stuff as much as possible trying to understand. I am hesitant with people because I just seem to rub people the wrong way or something, I don’t know! I honestly think I am great but there is something there so I now completely avoid any community and am awkward around people.

My intention is always enlightenment but I understand very well, “Many are called but few are chosen.” I want to keep preparing myself.

I hope you are all well and I consider you all my Guru as Ram Dass suggests.

Hello Everyone! My name is Emily and I live in Fredericksburg, Va. Ram Dass and his books really resonate with me. My experience in Boone this past summer was wonderful and was excited to be able to participate in the Maui Retreat online. I love Krishna Das and have been chanting to his kirtan for quite a few years. It is definitely my happy place. My intention is to take some time these next few days and work on myself. Finding time to focus inside and clear my mind and focus on being peaceful, something I don’t often have time for.

Thank you for being here!

Namaste. My name is Rowyn and I am currently living in NJ. This is my first experience with this group. I was gifted Be Here Now in the late 70s or early 80s. I love Krishna Das and the teachings of many of the presenters on this retreat. I am grateful to be here and look forward to maybe meeting some new soul companions. Thank you for making it accessible. Infinite Love and Gratitude…

Hi, My name is Shane. I live in California where i was born. Where was i before that? I heard about Ram Dass through some sort of heart connection. I am here to learn compassion and love and dignity and respect and wisdom in community and i just want a hug really. things change and i want to have the skills and courageous heart to be in the midst of change. I was drawn here for many reasons. Synchronicities, Great People, and to learn the art of comedy and dharma. How do you do that Duncan? how are you able to rise and fall and rise always so seemingly effortlessly? I love you guys and its amazing to have connection with people keeping it alive in the Now and existing in multiple dimentions simultaniously. Anyways i might change this post later. interesting how we can do that and how things on the internet can have some sort of karmic pull if you are attached to them. its only words here on this screen. unless you printed this out and are reading it or some other way. Anyways last question? Madison Margolin? are we soul mates?

Hello, my name is Marta. I am from Seattle, Washington.
Ram Dass has been a part of my life since the mid-'70’s and was part of how I got to know my husband, David. We spent our honeymoon on a silent retreat with RD at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, back in summer '92.
Last December, we experienced a taste of heaven by being in Maui for the 2022 “Open Your Heart In Paradise” Retreat. Since then we have been part of an online satsang (thank you Luke, Alex, Leo, Angelina, Gitanjali, Kristen, Derrick, Gillian, Jordi, Eliza and others) which has been a huge blessing.
Very much wanted to meet Annie Lamott then and am thrilled that she will be present for the event this time around.
My intention for this retreat is to learn a lot, remember and embody Loving Awareness, increase my understanding of the process of Awakening, and experience the fun and depth of Krishna Das’s stories, singing, and his band’s music.

Hello everybody! My name is Aaron, and I am very excited to be here, virtually. I stumbled upon a Ram Dass teaching on YouTube a few years back and have always appreciated his balance of analytical thinking/ being, humor within serious subjects, and the lightness and grace he brings to the world.

An initial intention of this retreat for myself would be to deepen personal practice as well as connect with community. I could use more
Sangha in my life. :heart:

Hello! My name is Eric and I am from the St. Louis, MO area.

Don’t remember how I initially learned of Ram Dass, but I was re-introduced by listening to Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast and then took a deeper dive.

My intention is to enjoy some sense of community and Satsang from the retreat. Looking forward to the experience!