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The more I read RD, the more I think about the nature of things. I was meditating today and the stream below is what occurred to me. I think this is what RD is saying and I am interested in what you all think. Here it is:

It starts with this list as an illustration. 71, 3, 5, 31, 11, 41, 17, 19, 23, 29, 19, 37, 41, 43, 47, 83, 7, 59, 61, 67, 2, 73, 79, 19, 89, 13. This looks like a random list of numbers until we realize that it is actually a list of prime numbers. It appears chaotic to us in our perspective unless you know the ‘code’. In this case the code is all numbers that are only divisible by themselves and 1.

What if what we see as chaotic is only because we do not know the code. In other words, chaos is in fact actually just infinitely complex order? This is because something that is infinitely complex would appear to us as completely chaotic, because it is so complex we could never understand the ‘code’ or sequence that reveals it. On the other hand, in our reality if something IS so complex we cannot fathom it, then it stays chaotic until it is revealed as otherwise.

As I travel the journey, more and more I see that I am becoming aware of the code, and planes that were invisible to me are now visible and, to some degree, I understand them. I am realizing that chaos and order are the same thing, and that what we can see of them is dependent on our perspective and where we are relative to what we remember. I am quickly remembering more and more.

Lastly (and I do not want to cause any discomfort for anyone here, this is just my view), I have always felt that all religions have somewhere in them a view to the infinite, and that they just seem to have pitched a tent at that spot and developed their world around a piece of the puzzle. I get that sense from RD’s thoughts as well. This to me is the beauty of RD’s teachings in that he is linking truths from humanity and has created what is the basis for a unified perspective (from the limited view of this realm). However, it is probably only viewable in that sense once you remember that it is. (Sorry for the statement of the obvious, but I am interested in the thoughts of you all.)

Thanks for bearing with me and reading this. What do you think?


I like this statement/thought/perspective, it puts in our view of the play between the ego, soul-land, and the one (godhead…whatever that is to a person). It also pushes us toward remembering the glimpses as they come and having faith in the process…thanks for this :pray:


Dana, what a great expansion of thought! What you wrote is exactly what is happening. I really appreciate your insight and clarity.

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I figure chaos is a form that is constructed through the sense doors and our attempt to understand and simplify. Since simplification loses information the ability to sit with complexity and uncertainty remains critical, not just to our sanity but also towards discovering paradigmatic insights. Labels and definitions applied to the intersection of simplicity and infinity can be useful of not held too tightly.

Yes, Travis, I see what you mean. There is really no adequate way to describe these concepts when speaking from our ego, as they are much too complex and anything we say only approaches a small aspect of the reality. I believe RD addresses that in his thoughts on ‘Playing with the Ego and Higher Consciousness’. He describes the ego, or intellect, as a ‘steering mechanism within this world or plane’, whereas the Atman provides the intuitive wisdom we really need. The ego being more of a functional unit (I like that distinction) as he calls it. For me, it is that “playing with the ego and higher consciousness” that provides a great deal of ‘fun’ and discovery.

In that article, he quotes Swami Vivekananda about the ego saying “A lousy master, but a wonderful servant”. I think that is a really good way to think about it.

Thanks for your thoughts, they really made me think too.


Good insight Highlands… I too love the RD view that their are essentially infinite paths to source and we will go on building/discovering them throughout eternity. It is beautiful game. Happy to be playing it with everyone here and not here!


The code you write about is Brahman or, as Panpsychist Phil Goff claims, consciousness. Isn’t Brahman sometimes described as ghee or milk which constructs and pervades everything in the universe?

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TS, just thinking about my response. I wanted to clarify that the numbers I listed are actually prime numbers for illustrative purposes, not a specific sequence or code per se. However, I think your point is relevant in that we see the consciousness of all things represented via mathematics, frequencies etc.

TS, yes. Now after a few months of lots of meditation, reading, listening and just expanding in general, I see it even clearer. That ‘consciousness’ is, in fact, not just IN everything but IS everything and we are all part of it. I haven’t read any Phil Goff (I will though, thx), but have delved a bit into quantum physics lately and and see that theme echoed. Lot’s of great convergence and awareness happening! Thanks for your note.

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