{CONGRATULATIONS} Keeping it light

YAY! Way to complete this journey! We hope it was fulfilling and look forward to hearing about your experiences.

In keeping with Ram Dass and Alan’s reminder to not take ourselves too seriously, let’s celebrate by sharing some of our favorite jokes (keep them clean!)


What a trip this course was! So much wisdom, insight, a broad range of emotions, connection with other seekers, and fun! It’s amazing to see Ram Dass continue to serve so many beings through the Love Serve Remember Foundation by inspiring awakening and fostering so many connections among this community of wonderful humans who embody loving awareness. Alan Watts and Ram Dass pair better than could any wine with any food.

Why did the scarecrow win an award?
It was out standing in its field. :joy::heart::peace_symbol::om::lotus::person_in_lotus_position:t2:

Hare Krishna, with metta (loving kindness) to all.
May you be happy.
May you be safe.
May you be healthy.
May you be at ease.


This was such a wonderful course experience! Thank you to everyone who joined, participated, and shared their stories.


Trip is the right word. I’ve been practicing in silence so long, never having the reinforcement of actual Guru Bhai!!! Idk if you noticed but you really helped me out back there. If you ever need anything lmk. My email is baddreamstheonly@gmail.com and that goes for anyone here, my sweet, compassionate sisters and brothers. :heart::pray::thinking:

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Jackie, I would love to know what my options are in eastern KY for starting something on behalf of our teachers and devotees, I am worried I am too impure to deliver the transmission safely and consciously enough, but I’m ready to try to at least reach out to higher beings than myself, like you, asking for aid in this. Thank you deeply for setting me straight on Dharma in such beauty and purity. I hope I can serve our community in larger ways after pulling myself upright on this plane. Namaste,
Rama Bhakti (Eric Davis if you prefer) :heart::pray::thinking:

How joyful to hear that my words were helpful to you, Babaji, and I wish you much joy and health! Never doubt that the guru is always present, within you and all around you. It’s an honor to be on this path with you, as we struggle to get where we already are! Just pondering that is a laugh and a cry, everything and nothing at all.

Oh, and when I find one or more of the examples I’ve read regarding nobly intervening to save insects or other creatures from death, including at the hands of their natural predators, I’ll be sure to give you a shout to let you know.

Namaste, brother!

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Sorry for the long absence but I read the comment, and laugh/cried myself. You have been very kind and wise and I hope we can stay in touch! My personal life is really spiraling out with unavoidable and karmic suffering but if that’s who I thought I was I would definitely be in worse trouble lol. Behind it all, here we are. Far fucking out man. Far out. :sunglasses: