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Stopped at the Starbucks in Boone for tea as I begin the drive back to my ‘other’ home. Everyone is staring at me as I bounce around listening to Krishna singing Kainchi Hare Krishna in my EarPods. I hope this never stops.

What a wonderful retreat, so many precious bothers and sisters, learnings, discoveries and remembering. Thank you all for touching my life. Namaste


Back home in West Virginia - but I have NEVER been to Boone & got a bit lost both going and coming home. I bought KD’s 'Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga for the title alone; having some trouble playing the video what comes with it but was fun to watch.

Hope more ‘retreatants’ find their way here. I did not take many pics, names or contact info - but so many of you are in my heart & my memory. I had so many years to connect with the RD community; not sure why I waited until I was almost 70 but better late than never. Maybe I needed to get a bit closer on my walk home. Got a chuckle when David pointed out that some of us at this point were just sinking ships. I did realize a real attachment - to my teeth!


At JFK airport in NY waiting in the terminal, listening to KD’s Pilgrim Heart podcast… (ep 117 Siddhi Ma and the essence of Maharaji)

Landed on that episode (somewhat) randomly because the Youtube algorithm suggested it to me… but in it KD brings up the retreat experience and the inevitable crash afterward, which he said comes "the first time a gas station attendant looks at you and says ‘what do you want??’ "

Definitely had that this morning with the hotel shuttle driver :joy:

But even though there is a sort of heartache-y feeling leaving that sacred space, I feel incredibly blessed to have had the chance to be there with you all :sparkling_heart:
Even today as I’ve been doing silent japa in the airport, or chanting at the hotel in the morning, I am immediately back in that beautiful meditation hall or sitting in that mossy forest clearing next to all of you!

Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome, I am so grateful and happy to have found your wonderful sangha. May we continue to deepen eachother’s practices :pray:

Love from Augusta, GA (well… JFK airport right now… and then the Azores with family for a couple of weeks)

Ram Ram


Love this! Keep the bouncing and connecting going!

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Love that one!!! Yes, I’m hoping Mike will include this link in his follow up email.

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What a great reminder Zach. Do you have a link for that podcast. It would be great to share!

The re-entry and integration is something we don’t talk about enough!!

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So grateful to LSM and to all the folks I met and didn’t meet at the retreat. What a wonderful space and wonderful experience. Hare Krishna Hare Rama


Hi all, I just joined the discourse space and am happy to see this way to connect with fellow retreatants! I just wanted to express such gratitude for everyone for being so kind and loving with our baby Akiva. It was so important for us to bring him into Satsang in the first year of his life, and it was such a beautiful experience.

Thank you to Raghu, Rachael, Mike, Jackie, JR, and absolutely everyone who made this such a beautiful and meaningful experience.


Hi Jacque,
This is Jesse it was nice to have a face to face talk at the retreat. I am still vibrating from the love energy I received at the retreat.

I would like to join an online group and I registered as instructed. I can’t figure out how to join a conversation as in Connect to other retreat attendees. I got stuck there - before I explore more groups could you send me a link to instructions, which I can’t seem to find.

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Thanks for joining us! You’re in the right spot - this is a new platform that’s being built up as we go, and all retreat attendees were instructed to come here to share their stories, experiences, and in general connect.
You’re welcome to explore around and check out the other topics and conversations happening in here - everything from connecting with local satsang, to exploring topics in our online course library.


Project Director, Love Serve Remember Foundation

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Thank you so much for being there with us all!!! I felt your child brought this beautiful energy of love to the retreat. Reminding us all where we came from, and the beauty of the child like wonder that we can all tap back into.
So happy you’re here now with us on this online forum!

Did you have any major sessions that stood out to you?

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A little late, but here’s that podcast I mentioned:

I am frustrated, as I tried to put this in ‘shared art’ under the ‘general’ topic but allowed me to save the draft or discard it but not actually POST it. perhaps because there are no comments under that sub-topic but - first time for everything. here was the post that I spent a half hour trying to post elsewhere for the whole community - but glad I can do it in my NC Mtn Retreat group. I loved those few days so much I am going to Maui.

I went to the Mountain Retreat in NC. One afternoon they put out 2 different 2-sided cards, and I picked up 2 of each. I had planned to give 1 set away but when I was admiring them, I realized I had something I wanted to frame. Such a lovely souvenir of an amazing few days. Grateful for their generous offering of them. (This still has the wrapping but I will post another picture when I rearrange the wall to hang it.)

Anyone know the 2 goddesses pictured? I hope one is Saraswati.


Very cool Dielle!!