Evening Kirtan with Krishna Dass

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What a beautiful kirtan! Here are some “behind the scenes” photos I captured!

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The beautiful chanting has been playing in my Soul since we left…it’s my gauge as to whether I’m ‘home’ or not. Thank you, Krishna Das, for sharing your tremendous gift with all of us. We watched One Track Heart (the documentary about Krishna Das on Apple TV) last night and had a good cry after. Ecstatic tears of joy and gratitude for the entire retreat experience and the honor of being in the presence of a Maharaji disciple. You are an inspiration. :pray:

And I want to share something Krishna expressed to me and my husband when I asked him what we could do for him since he does so much to serve others. His response along with his endearing smile was: Just keep taking care of yourself and do your practice.

We can all do this for each other and watch the world change before our eyes…:pray:


Thank you so much for sharing Shelby!! One of my favorite Ram Dass quotes is along the lines of “the best thing I can do for you is work on myself. The best thing you can do for me is to work on yourself. And in the middle is where we meet.”

So lovely you got that download from KD at the retreat!


Yes! I love this! Thank you for sharing!