Helping people with addiction

Hi all, its so blissful to know I can share my view and questioning here. This is a story and this is my question : Ive met one of the junky that is begging all day for whatever cheap drug you can buy in town, but I saw he was special, and he quickly told me about “the one”. So I know he knows, and he knows “he doesn’t acts as he knows” (he almost quoted Ram Dass, amazing). Fact is, I feel he is fighting against this “life brings me down” by staying high, and has no caring about his physical body. Im having deep spiritual talks with him, and I don’t care if he is down or high, he enjoys also, I feel this philosophic talks are the way to make him switch his mind. STILL, im asking you, how can I help the best better than that ?



I don’t have an answer for your question, but I can offer my personal experience?

When I visited Boulder, Colorado for the first time - I was taken back by this beautiful building that featured quotes from great minds surrounding all sides.

I was enamored with the beauty of the featured quotes, and slowly made my way around the perimeter of the building, reading every quote as I went.

As I reached the back side of the building, I noticed a small dirt patch beyond a puddle, under a tree. Under the shadow of the tree I noticed a woman, homeless, standing there. I was drawn to her energy and approached her. She met my eyes and held my hands as I crossed the fallen branch over the water, to the dry shaded tree patch she occupied. She expressed the psychotic episode she was experiencing, and in so reflected upon the beauty of the universe and the universal truths of our oneness and connection as souls on this earthly plane. We stood and talked for what felt like eternity, as we held hands and wept looking into each other’s eyes, recounting our connection to one another, and to this beautiful world we all share.

Eventually as our connection drew to a close, she recommended some other areas I should visit nearby that would offer similar calm, grounding energy. She didn’t ask me for anything, and shared she was content drifting from space to space.

Sometimes, at least in my experience - it’s not about what actions you can do, or what you can materially provide for another being - as much as it is about your energy and the space you can hold and share with another being, regardless of where they’re at. That Loving Awareness that Ram Dass taught us all so well.

This lecture is great to listen to :hugs: :sparkles: :arrow_down:

Ram Dass responds to questions dealing broadly with attachment and addiction. Throughout the Q&A he covers a myriad of different concepts including guilt, desire, co-dependency, intimacy, the root causes of negative behaviors, and the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Recorded in the Summer of 1989 as apart of ‘The Listening Heart’ retreat series.

I think you continue to talk to him if you are both in the same space often enough.
You shouldn’t go into your interactions with him with any agenda, but just try to be present with him in whatever form of discussion that takes.

I’m not sure you mentioned, but maybe ask him if there is anything he needs and possibly try to bring him food or fresh clothing (if you are in a position to).

As much as we would like to be able to- it’s not always within our power, nor is it right for us to try to talk someone out of their lifestyle of choices or habits.

I hope that helps.