How to Find Local Community

Dear fellow seekers,

As we continue to honor the profound teachings and spirit of Ram Dass, it’s essential to keep the flame of community alive. Ram Dass envisioned his legacy to be a thriving network of individuals coming together to support and uplift each other on the spiritual journey. With that in mind, let’s embark on a collective endeavor to find or establish local Ram Dass communities across the globe.

Step 1: Explore the Fellowship Map

The first stop on our journey is the Fellowship Map. This resource serves as a directory of existing local groups dedicated to Ram Dass’s teachings. Take a moment to peruse the map and see if there’s already a community in your area. If you find one, fantastic! Reach out to the provided email address to connect with your fellow seekers and join in the shared exploration of consciousness.

Step 2: Start a Thread

If your search on the Fellowship Map doesn’t yield any results for your area, fear not! This forum is here to bridge the gap. Start a thread right here with your city, state, and country, expressing your interest in connecting with like-minded individuals in your vicinity. You might be pleasantly surprised by the number of fellow seekers who are eager to come together.

Step 3: Establishing a New Group

For those of you who are enthusiastic about kickstarting a local Ram Dass community, this thread is your launchpad. Dive into the discussions and collaborate with others who share your vision. Together or alone, you might start a new group in your city. Read the next thread and then reach out to Jackie.

Remember, the essence of community lies in the connections we forge and the bonds we nurture. Whether you’re joining an existing group or embarking on the journey of creating a new one, every step taken in the spirit of love and unity brings us closer to fulfilling Ram Dass’s vision of a world infused with compassion and understanding.