{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 1: Day 2} Sense of Seperation

This week both Ram Dass and Alan discuss this idea of separateness and how it is part of the whole, part of creation, not an accident.

How might it change the way you live to recognize this feeling of separateness is not in your control?


I cant join, seems the timing is such that everything ‘live’ is midnight in CET time. Will everything be recorded and put online here?


Y’know, in some sense we need to be able to see quite clearly, quite naturally, in a principled sort of way, how anything is potentially in service to life. Conceptually, a “feeling of separateness” “not being” “in your control” forces you to see the institution of “separateness” as being in service to the individual/potentially optimal/a fitting vehicle of Boundlessness…as we are hardwired to seek pleasurable states, and sustain them.

Essentially in doing these mental gymnastics, you come into a sense of once again being “in control” through some sort of re-orientation of your mental schisms.

Separateness is cool. It allows the cultivation of the identity and all of your various skillsets…these are the very things you use as a form of personal expression…they are you, but they are all utterances of the same crude uttering that all things in all moments are expressing in their own fashion, witting or unwittingly. In doing them you come to know yourself, and step far outside of yourself…it is the dance, separateness to transcendence…

However, there are clearly intolerable states, akin to nausea, and there are takes on “separateness” which can not be utterly purged/reclaimed in the name of the Singularity…at least without fortitude. I think when faced with such a situation you strongly combat this sense of problematic separateness with both a sense that separateness has its riches, as well as that all-pervasiveness is an undeniable characteristic of consciousness … or you smash like a 12 pack of twinkies and slip into a warm state of nearly ineffable faith, utterly convinced that for some reason this is communion with the great protector and that the winds will soon bring resolutions…


In smashing our twelve pack of twinkies with ineffable faith, are we not releasing our attachment to a concept of self and separateness? We let go of the “I” and slip into a state of consciousness of interbeing? Ahhhhh. I love this :pray:


I really resonated with the comments about the uptuned V. in fact years ago when I had an epiphany this symbol was shown to me in both versions the regular “V” and the upturned “A” minus the cross through he middle. I didn’t understand completely what it meant back although I recognised the “A” as being the right way versus the “V”. Anyway just thought I’d share that. The story is much more involved of course. Peace X

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It’s helped me let go of my models at an exponential rate. I don’t have much conscious thought that I’m going to let go of models and redraw the maps of who I am and what I’m about, it just happens and I realize it afterward. This, in turn, has helped overcoming obstacles and adversity because I’m no longer identified with that which changes, but that which remains throughout all the changes. It can also be a very slippery slope into the doldrums of the spiritual path when one truly comes to realize that one is alone, just playing all the myriad forms including the one whom comes to realization. It’s quite a tightrope sometimes, this path, but no other way is worth it.