{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 1: Day 7} Key points

Since we are all here to learn from each other, please share one or two pieces of insight or inspiration you received from this week’s lectures. Feel free to share a summary of what you learned. This kind of sharing helps all of us deepen into the teachings.


I think overall two points that have stuck with me:

  1. Stop clinging. Pushing away is also a form of clinging.

  2. Pay attention first. You have to really stop and listen to where you are before you can take any type of step toward anything.

‘The path out of the illusion of separateness, entails cultivating the conscious perspective that things are both individuated subjects/objects, as well as meaningfully part of, and, at times, entirely synonymous with ((I guess of their own accord; you should probably always regard them as thus)), the Absolute.’ -Ram Dass

Honestly, I was having a hard time envisioning how one would naturally do as much (and maybe you don’t…maybe you make a discipline out of it, unnatural and stiff, at first…) until I heard Ram Dass also say, in so many words, in “Separateness and Transformation” that we transcend conditional systems of regarding the world and begin to effectively love unconditionally once we take ourselves seriously, regarding ourselves as the Absolute (as a figurehead of All). I guess naturally this happens in life when people become parents, or take on a serious role in the medical community… there are any number of examples. We all come to do it in our own way in our own time probably, but it’s always so much better to call the rain down.