{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 1} Monday Dharma Talk Connection

If you just attended (or listened) to the first week’s Monday Dharma talk with Raghu Markus and Mark Watts and want to continue the conversation, here is your place. To start the conversation, what was something you found insightful from the conversation?


I loved listening to the three of you chat. A few things I wrote in my notes were:

  • when you turn away from other beings, you close your heart. (i want to be better at opening my heart to people)

  • get out of your own way (I’m always in my own way. I wrote in my journal recently, ‘thank God that in spite of my ego and clinging, things fall into place’ :joy:)

  • stop clinging (this is so hard! I’m very results driven. Example: I’m trying not to cling to the idea that there is a “right” way to take this course. )

  • thinking creates inertia (as an over thinker and over planner I know this to be true, the reminder is helpful)


I tried to get on the event and Zoom said it was at its max of 100 participants and denied me access. Did anyone else have this issue?

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Yes I had the same issue. Was it recorded?

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Hi, Everyone! Wasn’t able to be here yesterday, but looking forward to getting started. Have been exploring & learning for the past 15+ years, but lots to yet absorb. I’m not so familiar w/Alan Watts, and have cued into Ram Dass for the past several months…. I connect with Ram’s message-thought this group and course might be just the thing to help me further open my heart… Wishing each of you well as we begin this exciting month!


I noticed a few people had that same issue but it seems to have gotten resolved about 20 minutes in. I think I also saw someone mention that a recording would be shared.

So unfortunate. We had some technical difficulties for about 3 minutes but then it opened up. Rachael sent an email immediately. Yes it is recorded and will be on your teachable account within 24 hours.

Yes we had a tech glitch for a few minutes but resolved it quickly. Rachael sent an email immediately. Yes it is recorded and will be on your teachable account within 24 hours.

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So unfortunate. We had some technical difficulties for a few minutes but then it opened up. Rachael sent an email immediately. Yes it is recorded and will be on your teachable account within 24 hours.

Thank you Jacquelyn and all. I did not get that email that the issue was resolved. I also didn’t get the email with the link on Sunday, which the intro email (which I did get) said would be coming. Is there a tech support link or number etc?

Hi Billy! Please check your spam folder, it may have ended up there? The emails are coming from rachael@ramdass.org. I just sent the replay email a little over an hour ago :slight_smile: Feel free to email me at rachael@ramdass.org if the issue persists and I can check on your account!

The replay is up! Here is the link: 🖥️ 10/2 REPLAY - Monday night Dharma Talk Q&A with Mark Watts & Raghu

We fixed our Zoom account so the issue should not happen again, sorry to everyone who got locked out for a few minutes!

Thank you for this talk. I found it very inspiring and a great complement to this weeks brilliant course material.
Just a quick reflection on one of the comments that was referred to towards the end. I have had great help in dealing with overwhelming feelings of separateness through the Tonglen meditation. Instant results even though I’m not at all a experienced meditator. I’ve found this course very helpful:


Yeah, seeing the 3 of you interact so effortlessly was really cool to be apart of.

Raghu gave some awesome and profound quotes that kind of blew my mind, especially around service and self. He has this like nonchalant, such is life type vibe to him that I aspire to even reach a slice of one day.

Everything Mark says is like poetry. Completely captivating. The stuff around biology, the ego, and the we are one concept was especially interesting. It was hard to not feel like one when he spoke.

Jackie is a lovely ray of light hearted joy. What a light. She helped ground me with her positivity and true compassion that flooded through my little screen.

Just an absolute pleasure. A learning experience, and than some :heart:


The concept of clinging is difficult. I’m a life coach and financial advisor. In coaching clients they are working towards goals and things they must do ie actions toward their goals and financial plans. Is this in conflict with the idea of clinging?

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I really enjoyed the first talk. I do listen to Ram Dass and Alan Watts podcasts often and felt this first talk was a good introduction to them and why the course put them together. I think there is only so much time and it was well spent in the discussions by the three of you. For the one or two people who kept asking about life history or lifestyles, there’s so much to say that probably doesn’t belong here because it’s not their core work. Maybe do what I did and go to the library for books/videos and do online research on both of them outside of these courses? I’ve enjoyed doing that too and have only touched the tip of the iceberg.


Hi Simon, I think you are doing a great service in helping people set their goals and move past their anxiety to the future. Personally, I see you helping people transition from a stale or stuck state towards their dream of a better life/future for themselves or others they care about. So, perhaps you are helping them cling less to the past habits and investments. I recently took several college-level courses in personal finance and investments plus have used someone like yourself in retirement planning, so that’s why I say these things. My clinging and anxiety is so much worse without the knowledge and help from experts. Hope that helps answer your question!


Many thanks for your response @Holly_Justice I think I am understand the concept of clinging better having listened to the Dharma talks. There is needing, wanting and there is clinging and the latter is especially rooted in ego and the mind. I’m now personally going through an inventory of where I cling and facing up to it. How are you finding the course? Sounds like you have had a lot of exposure to Ram Dass and Alan Watts. I’ve been listening feverishly for about six months. Cheers, Simon

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