{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 2: Day 13} Real Wealth

How would your life change if It was “your solemn duty to learn how to enjoy yourself"?


Oct 12.23. I would need to learn how.

I might become some sort of over-caffeinated, hyperbolic new version of the guy who invented “WeWork”… but in all sincerity :upside_down_face: you would probably develop a new “perpetual template” for analysis of the world, and instead of it being some sort inherited, haphazard and highly contextual recipe for success, it would be a vision of the ideal You. To stay centered on Self without falling into the selfish trappings of self-centeredness… is a pretty healthy/effective way to live. cut to commercial

I would leave the universities and teach on my own directly to concerned people who want to understand their worlds better.

I think I would do a lot more experimentation and take more risks.