{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 2: Day 8} Enough is Enough

This week in the Ram Dass lectures, he says, “We live in a culture based on more is better rather than the concept that enough is enough.”

If we are always trying to get something more, Alan later asks, “Where is there? Where’s your rush? Where are you going? To what are you progressing? Stop, look, and listen because you may be there already, only that you don’t notice it.”

Using these ideas, how can you begin to notice what is already here? Where there is enough? What would be enough? Could this practice of seeing plenty begin to authentically combat the idea that more is better?


I can stop and look around. Instead of focusing the energy on what is missing and lacking, I can appreciate what is. The saying “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” is sooo true! Like last year was a great year for me because I was making a lot of progress, but I was still miserable because it wasn’t enough. Now this year because of economic downturn I lost that progress. In a way I cheated myself because I wanted more.

Now I want to focus on appreciating what is.

I love the final comments by Ram Dass “we are a leading edge in a shift of consciousness” “my work is to. hear and flow with and be part of my universe” “we are collectively in training to be wise persons. A wisdom that is going to be reflected in our beings.” “Our actions are going to reflect the shifts in consciousness that we are about at this moment.”

Reflecting on how lucky we are and how much abundance we truly have. Like when he said from an Indian persons perspective we have all had a royal birth. I also like the idea of simplifying as a combat to the idea that more is better. Simplifying our lives and decluttering them.

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Upon further reflection after last nights Dharma talk I have realized I get attached to the wanting of more but my desires for more is what causes me to suffer. I have what I NEED because I have self. I am not my money or finances I am ME, and why money is necessary in my current physical realm it’s a part of my karma and sacred contracts so I can learn from the stresses and feelings (positive and negative) that money and work bring up and try to detach them from the true self.

A thought on my work is that it’s not what my younger self envisioned doing in my adult years and not necessarily my dream job but when I look at what I’m doing and how many people it has a domino effect on that shifts my perspective into thinking “oh I am living my dream”. Even if my job was taking orders at a restaraunt, the energy and space I’d hold for each customer matters and makes an impact and I get to choose what kind of imprint that interaction is going to make.