{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 3: Day 18} Dancing with Intuition

In this week’s lecture, Ram Dass says, “In the emptiness is the answer, is a better answer than I can come up with when I use my analytic mind to figure out what I should say. Sri Aurobindo said that every time you take a step, you fall, and you get up, and you brush yourself off, and you look sheepishly at God, and then you take another step. And that’s what I found. I found that the latency between where I thought I was doing something out of the deepest wisdom, and then I realized I was just ego tripping, and just the latency between recognizing that and how quickly I could give it up and say, “Yep, did it again,” and go back to square one to think it through again, to feel, go back behind my thought and feel it again gets shorter and shorter and shorter. Because I’m not afraid to make errors anymore. I’m not afraid to say I got trapped in my own own stuff again, my own needs for security, for my own whatever psychodynamics I’m involved in.”

Would it change your relationship to your intuitive-knowing to dance with it in the way Ram Dass describes above? With lightness, humor, and willingness to get it wrong? Where might you apply that in your life now?