{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 3: Day 19} Just Us Here

This week’s message includes the idea that there’s no them. There’s just us.

In what way do you already embody this in your life? In what area might you embrace this idea more? Tell us how so we can inspire one another.

I have experienced “Us” many times. In fact, I’ve learned to successfully beckon it. Not always, but when I most need to unleash my consciousness from the body it currently inhabits, I can. Perhaps a better representation of how this happens is that I’m able to completely surrender to it, which means doing nothing at all. Beckoning is doing, and there is no doing in Oneness because there is no form in Oneness.

How: Sound is the mechanism I use to trigger – what would we call it? – state of being, state of mind? Transcendence, momentary though it may be? I learned this trick from Rick Hanson’s Neurodharma. He suggested learning to feel music in the brain. I was highly suggestible when I read his book, because much of what he suggested seemed to install itself like an automatic update to my mental operating system. I was ready for it, I guess.

As soon as feeling music clicked, I started meditating with music. I struggled to focus on my breath. Focus quickly became controlling, which isn’t conducive to meditation. Or living, for that matter. Conversely, simply being still, allowing music to seep through the auditory, somatic, and auric channels, allows consciousness to flow in perfect rhythm, perfect harmony and, when I can relax fully, perfect union. I disappear into nothingness.

As Alan said in this week’s lessons, though, this can only happen when I’m not doing anything. Not wanting. Not trying. Not expecting. And not trying to not try or want. For me, it happened spontaneously. I replicated the circumstances of that spontaneous happening many times before experiencing the vacancy of mind again, but I eventually learned to shut up, get out of the way, relax, and surrender.

Where I need to incorporate this into my life: forgiveness, judging.

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