{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 4: Day 26}: The Yoga of Relationships

In this week’s lectures Ram Dass says…

And I want to tell you that as a yoga, it’s a stinker. In fact, if you have a choice, use any other yoga, but the yoga of relationship, because it’s one of the hardest yogas to use, because it’s working with reproduction and survival and a whole lot of things that make it almost impossible to stay awake in it. Pride, righteousness, all that stuff. Freedom of space and time and things like that. The third one of relationship is where two people are resting in the one and then they just play at the game of two. It’s God at play as two. People are so rooted in their shared awareness and to fulfill the form of the formless, to just manifest impeccably, they are the two and they dance together. But the dance includes jealousy, anger, love, passion, boredom, disgust, loathing, sweetness, tenderness, everything. It’s all there. That’s part of the passion play. It’s part of what goes on in the form. And remember, you are in the world, but not of the world. So it doesn’t mean all that stuff isn’t there. It’s all there. You’re in the world. And it’s real, and yet it isn’t real.

Do you relate to what he says here? BRIEFLY, share ONE instance where a relationship has helped you wake up to your true essence of love?

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How about a seven year long group marriage?

Yes, relationships are “a stinker” but I have learned so much about myself and others through active emersion.