{Ram Dass/Alan Watts Week 4: Day 28} Trusting life

Alan says, “It is time we learned to trust life, and our own life.”

Are you ready to trust your own life now? What might help you trust it more?


It depends on what kind of trust we are considering: the conventional definition of trust that we were raised with which comes with logical reasoning and concrete proof? or the kind that originates from a no-mind, loving space? It might seem that the end result is ultimately a “trust” feeling regardless of the way you get there, but it essentially isn’t.
The former dictates a specific thought process which ought to include as much variables present at a specific time and place, only to synthetically arrive to another thought that grants us the feeling of relief we call “trust”.
But life is vast and infinite; it cannot be approached from a limiting, thoughtfully-curated stand point. Life is not defined by any specific time, event, or feeling but rather encompasses EVERY factor that EVER existed or will exist. Thus by just being alive and experiencing this magical existence, we are blindly and indirectly “trusting” life to keep us alive without deliberately deciding to. We might as well give in, feel at peace, and fall in love with this truth.
Only from this space i was able to build an organic trustful relationship and grow as “one” with my existence.

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I do trust my life, although my path has hardly been the path I envisioned at age 20.

I know who I am. I know what I am on this planet to BE and do.