Ram Dass – Here and Now Bonus Episode – Behind the Clinging

Raghu Markus returns to Here and Now to present this bonus excerpt from a talk titled “Behind the Clinging,” which features Ram Dass discussing how to deal with neuroses, fear, and family.

In this portion of his talk about going “Behind the Clinging,” Ram Dass explores:

  • Dealing with depression and sadness, and making friends with all of your neuroses instead of trying to get rid of them
  • Coming to the edge of fear and embracing it in a soft way without pushing against it
  • Dealing with family members who really know how to push your buttons and using those experiences as a way to grow

“And you begin to see how exquisitely the ego is articulated in such subtle ways, it’s such a beautiful painting, it is an incredible painting. The question is can you find a frame that allows you to see that it’s a painting because you see an edge of the sky at the corner? Go for the sky, don’t try to change the painting. Be a stylistic, happy, neurotic mess. Like me.” – Ram Dass