Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 231 – The Universe of Compassion

Ram Dass answers a wide range of questions on topics such as free will, working with fear, and falling in love – plus, he leads a Metta meditation to help us tap into the universe of compassion.

“And as this practice deepens and you recognize that you are one of the beings in that circle, as well as the heart that is sending light forth, you enter more and more deeply into the universe of compassion. And in that universe, the heart is freed to love as it must love.” – Ram Dass

In this Q&A session from 1992, Ram Dass explores:

  • Conscious dying, free will, and the grieving process
  • Communication after death, relaxing about enlightenment, and working with fear
  • Developing faith, feeling vulnerable while falling in love, and why we can’t afford to armor our hearts
  • The practice of Metta meditation and how it can help us tap into the universe of compassion