Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 237 – God, Sex, and Dope

In this wild Q&A session from 1976 that is teeming with frenetic energy from the audience, Ram Dass really just wants to talk about three things: God, sex, and dope.

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“For ultimately, you transcend objective knowledge and you be wise. And wisdom is simple. There is a simplicity. And out of you comes the wisdom of your being. The wisdom of your being. A human birth is a very precious matter. You have all the ingredients necessary to know God fully in this lifetime.” – Ram Dass

In this episode of Here and Now:
  • Dealing with a slightly wild audience, Ram Dass answers questions about how our actions can influence other people’s journey of awakening, what commitment truly is, and how to look at our predicament from different levels.
  • But what Ram Dass really wants to talk about is three things: God, sex, and dope. He talks about moving beyond the desire for drugs, how people become attached to their sexual expression and what tantra truly is, and defines God to the best of his ability.