Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 253 – Dharmic Anger

In this 1981 Q&A session, Ram Dass addresses surrender, astrology, dharmic anger, the illusion of separateness, relative reality, love, hallucinogens, and more.

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This episode of Here and Now is from a talk in Melbourne, Australia, in 1981.

  • Ram Dass begins with questions about surrender, astrology, the renounced mind, and Meher Baba. He speaks about how the best teachers only want you to get free and why it might be useful to spend some time on the astral plane.
  • Ram Dass responds to questions about how to enjoy letting go of anger, homosexuality, and the illusion of separateness. He tells stories of his time in India, touches on the concept of dharmic anger, and explores the importance of tuning to one’s own heart.
  • Ram Dass finishes the Q&A session with queries about evil, love, and using hallucinogenics on the spiritual path. He talks about relative reality versus absolute reality, the art of social action, and why there are no rules in the game.

“Once you are without anger, then you can get really angry. I mean, there’s nothing more beautiful than dharmic anger.” – Ram Dass