So Grateful to Ram Dass this Morning

Through all the decades I have spent trying to grow spiritually I have never felt more growth than the last few years. Ram Dass has been a big part of that. I have learned from many teachers, mostly Zen masters, but there is something so distinct about Ram Dass. I think a big part is just his humanity. He learned so much but was still human just like the rest of us…just like me. He struggled with ego. He struggled with sexuality. He struggled with all the things we do but still taught so much. He did it with humility so his struggles never made him look like a fake. Some teachers do that to themselves because they portray themselves as perfected and higher than the rest of us only for their foibles to later come to light. Then they fall off that pedestal and people lose faith. Ram Dass was never like that. He was never “better” than us. He was us. He never let us forget we are all in this together. So grateful especially today because after some significant suffer I can feel what benefit and awakening that it has brought me. As he always said our suffering along with everything else is grist for the mill of our awakening.

Thank you, Ram Dass and love to the whole satsang.


It is profoundly gratifying to hear how Ram Dass has been such an important part of your life, and in fact all of our lives.
His humility and humanity was and is extraordinary! And most especially, one of his most famous aphorisms certainly serves us, “we are all walking each other home.” - Thank You!