Suggestions: for in person component of retreat

Share anything that you liked about the retreat as well as things that you would like to see improve for next year…

I do not recall seeing anything about this site - and it wasn’t hilited at the retreat either. Had it been emphasized, I could have driven down with another attendee from right where I live in West Virginia - and I could also have offered a place to stay for someone who needed a break in a long drive that took them thru West Virginia.

Still haven’t really figured out this platform, but will. Perhaps in a follow-up email you can give a bit of a tutorial on this.

Also, I understand we will be given access to the live-stream recording. Thanks for that, as there were some offerings I will def avail myself of again.
I now see they are already there, but locked. Will you be unlocking them for attendees?

Thank all of you who participated in large or small ways. It was ever so uplifting.