Tired while meditating!

Hi all! When I get deep into a meditation at the end of the day, when I get home from work, I often find myself starting to nod off after 15-20 minutes! Are there any meditation techniques that could help me meditate longer without starting to fall asleep? Or maybe I just need to sleep better in general? :joy:

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More sleep? set a timer for 10 minutes and gradually increase it if you stay awake for 10 minutes, meditate twice a day for 10 minutes, walking meditation?? Do you sit in a chair or on the floor? Can you meditate at a different time? Change things around a bit and see what works.

All that has ever worked for me and all can suggest is trying a different time of day for meditation especially longer ones. Personally, I never meditate in the evenings simply because I know I will nod off or at least really struggle with focus.

Joe, my go to meditation in the evenings when I am tired is this: I sit comfortably and concentrate on the energy in my toes (seems like it is always there for some reason). Once I have a good feel for that energy I concentrate on slowly moving the energy to all parts of my body in sequence, going from toes to the balls of my feet to my arches, heels, ankles, etc. By the time I have reached my ears I feel like I have on an energy suit. I then send that energy out the top of my head to specific other people that are hurting and my community in general. That focused exercise usually takes about 15-20 minutes, after which I β€˜just be’. Seems like that is the natural progression for me.

The exercise of moving my energy helps me to concentrate and seems to ward off sleep. I get great relief and strength from that and if I fall asleep afterward it feels good.

Hope that spurs something useful in you, Peace