📖 - Welcome to the Cookbook for a Sacred Life

Hi everyone, I am in central Arkansas. I love Ram Dass’s teachings and also follow Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in their mindfulness programs.



Woo! Philly! I’m up in Fishtown. Have you been to the satsang in West Chester? I haven’t yet.

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Hi, I’m Bets . Now in Arizona and will head back to Oregon in April.

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Hi Marcel! Thank you for sharing your journey…and glad Ram Dass came into the picture for you all those years ago. Look forward to connecting!

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Hi everyone, Takara here from Cape Breton Island, Canada, in the Atlantic Ocean.
I’ve been reading Be Here Now and listening to Ram Dass’s lectures for about a decade now, I found him through the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast. Reading the brown pages of Be Here Now, with the East Forest album with Ram Dass has become my go-to when I’m overwhelmed. I haven’t really dove into the cookbook and I’m really excited to with this course! I’d love to end this 21 weeks with an improved daily practice.


Hello everyone! My name is Katrina and I live in Idaho. I’ve been casually listening to Ram Dass for about 7 years, but really in this last year his messages have resonated in a very profound way and helped to open my heart to new possibilities. I’ve never been part of a community with like-minded people, and I am very excited about this experience and hopefully meeting some great people!

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Yes!! Such a blessings and such an inspiration. So glad you are here!


[quote=“Zac_Townsend, post:29, topic:54”] Ive found no matter if Ive heard a Ram Dass story once or a thousand times before, it finds me at just the right moment in time and applies perfectly to what Im going through in my life. The teachings really are magical. I’m looking forward to this course and interacting with everyone here!

Hi Zac! Thank you for sharing this! Yes, I’ve heard stories dozens and dozens of times and they still hit home and sometimes I get a new layer.

And I’m glad Duncan brought you this way! Such a gift!

Let us soak away together…the hot tub of love as RD talks about!


@Fallon [quote=“Fallon, post:30, topic:54”]
I haven’t finished the Be Here Now book, but I have it.
Wonderful. This course will help you get through “the White Pages” part of the book! Glad you are here!

@Catherine Glad you are on the journey!!! Hope to see lots of you!

@Ursula_Ducey YES YES YES!!! Love this!


First, sounds like an amazing journey…both yoga, life and the 6 week trip. And make sure you join the Thursday calls. And make sure you check out the Ram Dass virtual and local satsangs.

@ Dorothy

yes. Such good stuff. If you want an actual loop (with some lo-fi beats behind it) check out the new 24/7 livestream - RamDass.org/lofi
So glad you arre here!

@Mand Glad you are here! Can’t wait to dive in.

@Elizabeth_Snyder Welcome!!! enjoy the journey!

@ Katrina

Yes! Now you are! I really hope you can join the live discussions on Thursdays, but either way you will connect with some folks here. And you can also join the virtual Satsangs for monthly connection after this course ends!


I love this! What a great way to center! Thank you for sharing and look forward to deepening practice together!!

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Yes! They are all so great!!! Glad you are here!

@Billi_Jo_Murphy Yes! I hope you do! And glad you get this virtual community in the meantime!!!

@Crystal_Santalucia What a great movie!!! Thanks for bringing it up. And Mindrolling is so great as well. Thanks for being here!!